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What is a Radical Doula?


A doula is an assistant who provides physical as well as emotional support during childbirth. A radical doula recognizes that people need help throughout all the possible stages of reproduction. Sometimes that means adoption, abortion, reproductive care or help with fertility issues. Radical doulas also support those in the LGBT community, and non-traditional families.


No judgment, just love.


Allison serves in the following capacities:


Childbirth Doula- A birth doula helps the mother during labor and childbirth. Having a birth doula lowers your chance of C-section dramatically by reducing the various interventions that can occur in a hospital environment.


Homebirth Doula- A homebirth doula is helpful in the hours before a midwife arrives, to support with contractions once things get "real." It is also helpful to have an extra set of hands to help with other siblings who may be attending the birth.

*I decrease my rate for homebirth. I enjoy them so much it seems unfair to charge full price. Midwives tell the best stories!


Postpartum Doula- A postpartum doula helps families integrate a new baby into their homes and are particularly helpful after a difficult birth or a C-section.


Fertility Doula- After enduring 7 years of infertility, Allison finally had the homebirth of her dreams. She's tried many herbal treatments and knows a lot about fertility. She can help you chart your cycles and suggest options for when conception isn't happening as fast as you may like.


Prenatal Doula- Pregnancy can be scary for a first time parent. Having a prenatal doula can make your options seem less daunting and can be a valuable resource for a parent on bed rest towards the end of pregnancy. Allison will listen to all of your fears and use meditation techniques to help with anxiety.


Miscarriage or Bereavement Doula- Losing a pregnancy or infant is heartbreaking for all involved. Allison's skills as a Clergy Counselor, and history of miscarriages come into play with this role.


Adoption Doula- Placing a child up for adoption is a tough decision. Many traditional doulas don't have the desire to assist with births that result in adoption. These cases often require a hand to hold months after the event.


LGBT or Non-Traditional Family Doula- Allison has no issues with 2 mommies, 2 daddies, non-binary parents, surrogacy, polyamorous families, etc. Babies need love, and all types of families

are beautiful.


Prices vary by type and duration of services. You tell me what you need and we'll work out a way to make everyone happy. I charge less than most local certified doulas, I chose to take the classes, read the books, and attended several births to learn hands-on, I chose not pay to be certified and referred by organizations who charge dues. I'm more into grassroots, I want my clients to come to me because we click or their friends recommend me. Not everybody wants a Pagan, Reiki master, hippie doula; but if you do, I'm the one!


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